Senile Quest I

This is our submission to Ludum Dare Jam #22 - we made this game in 72 hours. The theme was "Alone".

One night you suddenly find yourself, a senile old man, all alone in a strange city.

Can you find your way home?


Right click - pick action, or skip dialog
Left click - perform action

F - toggle fullscreen (fullscreen is highly recommended!)

We planned a much bigger quest but due to not making it in time, we had to cut it greatly. Expect the full version to come out soon!

The Ludum Dare entry page
Windows .exe (please unzip this and then run)
Python source code (requires pygame)
Hints for solving the game


Hagay Giller - Original Artwork

Gal Raviv (Saba Nahman) - Original Music & Animation

Aviad Shamir - Story & Gameplay

Yoni Rozenshein - Programming

Special thanks: Asaf Sagi, Ayelet Sapirshtein, Uri Shomroni, Nur Lee Harel

Screen shots: