DGP: Space Lion

Space, the year 2014. DGP Space Lion arrived at planet Shetty following a report on a stolen vehicle.
Minutes after arriving, he realized his spacepolice car was missing, most likely stolen by one of the local low-lifes.
Stranded on a foreign world, he must now search the entire planet for his ride and get back home, to file a report.
It's a dangerous world out there, filled with Gnorlms and Knarxals, known to be highly adaptable to any kind of weapon used against them.
May the gods have mercy on their souls.

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This game is our submission to Ludum Dare 24 Jam, theme: Evolution.    Download

The enemies evolve quickly, and before long they will resist all your attacks! Try alternating weapons to beat your opponents.

This game and its absolutely accurate physics were inspired by Bollywood cinema.


Arrow keys Move/jump
A Punch
S Kick
D Use weapon
Q Previous weapon
E Next weapon
F Toggle fullscreen

Scene selection/cheat code:
If you find the game too hard, enter the cheat code LION to get 99 lives, full health, all weapons and type a digit between 1 and 8 to skip to that level.


Selected Reviews

Selected reviews from our submission page comments:

I loved it! I think this may be the most memorable character out of this entire LD! Last time around we had the neckbeard snail from chambers' Recluse; this time it's DGP Space Lion!

He's like the indian Duke Nukem! Really impressive graphics and soundwork.

Awesome! Any plans to do a spinoff novel? I want to hear more about DGP Space Lion!

I loved that crazy idea, even the name of the game is very awesome.

Oh man, so many aspects of this game are great. The one-liners, the music, level 5, use of the theme.

What's new in version 2?

Version 1 of the game was released just before the Ludum Dare 24 Jam deadline, on August 28, 2012.
Version 2 was released the next weekend, on September 1. This is mostly a bugfix release.
LD game raters: The gameplay is the same, but it's much more stable :) You should play version 2!
The change log for version 2 is as follows:
- General bugfixes:
  - The game is now fullscreen by default, though you can still switch by pressing F when inside a level.
    To start the game windowed, run DGP.exe (or main.py) with the command line "-w" or "--windowed".
  - The game feels smoother now. The FPS is more consistent throughout the game.
  - Fixed a compatibility issue with non-Windows platforms.

- Physics bugfixes:
  - Fixed bug where DGP would sometimes lose the ability to move after attacking.
  - It is no longer possible to fall through platforms when falling at high speed.
  - It is no longer possible to walk through walls.
  - The collision detection is now done correctly when DGP is attacked while walking.
  - Fixed bug where "weak platforms" didn't disappear correctly.

- Graphics and animation bugfixes:
  - DGP now has the correct fall animation if the left/right keys are not used while falling.
  - Aliens will now have their immunities displayed while they're falling.
  - Fixed bug where using the lasers weapon while facing left caused the screen to scroll incorrectly.

- Audio:
  - Added many sound effects. We collected those from various free sound sites on the web (hey, this is the Jam!),
    before the deadline, but didn't have time to code them in!
  - Normalized the volumes. You should now be able to hear DGP's bad puns.

- Changes to level 4:
  - The amount of enemies you must kill to win has been decreased from 10 to 6.

- Bugfixes in level 5:
  - It's now possible to use cheat codes in this level.
  - Fixed bug where the gems don't appear if the level is played twice.
  - Decreased the length of the level by 1 second to better sync with the song.


Bonus! The soundtrack (original music by Gal Raviv) is now available for download:

  1. Outer Space (Level 1)
  2. Junkyard (Level 2)
  3. Waterfalls (Level 3)
  4. Downhill (Level 4)
  5. Space Lion Theme Song (Level 5) (lyrics: Aviad Shamir, vocals: Simon Shocket)
  6. Cave (Level 6)
  7. Underwater (Level 7)
  8. Volcano (Level 8)
  9. Intermission
  10. Outer Space Boss (End Sequence)
The full soundtrack may be downloaded as a .zip file.

Additional Content

A walkthrough is now available (warning: spoilers).

Here are the lyrics to the DGP: Space Lion theme song:

You are my love
My space love
You are my lion
I hear you roar

Everyone will terrifyingly run
When you are in town
No one can beat your belt

Space Lion
Space Lion

Fighting for the poor and loved

Space Lion

Make the aliens cry
They deserve to die
No hero is greater
Than my love

Everyone will sing of your guts
No man is as brave as you
You are an honest police officer

Space Lion
Space Lion

Fighting for the poor and loved

Space Lion
Space Lion
Space Lion
Space Liooooooooooon


What's new in version 2?

DGP: Space Lion version 2 (bugfix), Windows exe Download from yonispants.com Download from Dropbox
DGP: Space Lion version 2 (bugfix), Python source code Download from yonispants.com Download from Dropbox
DGP: Space Lion version 1 (pre-deadline), Windows exe Download from yonispants.com Download from Dropbox
DGP: Space Lion version 1 (pre-deadline), Python source code Download from yonispants.com Download from Dropbox
DGP: Space Lion soundtrack Download from yonispants.com Download from Dropbox

Instructions: If you're on Windows, just download the Windows exe version, unzip and run DGP.exe.
On other operating systems, install Python 2.7 and pygame manually, then run main.py from the source package.


Self Promotion

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