Critical Mess

Stick McFigure was a respectable art critic for The Daily Floss. While attending a Gala night at Count Paintbrush's mansion, Stick started to feel dizzy. "That's some strong Cosmo," he thought to himself as the place began to spin and everything went dark. He woke up in a strange room, not remembering how he got there. "So," a mysterious voice said, "you felt my creation 'Two Kittens on a Coconut' was too simplistic and shows about as much talent as a blind gibbon trying to solve a Rubik's Cube."

Stick McFigure tried to remember why the voice sounded so familiar, then realized it's the voice of Count Paintbrush.

"Why did you lock me in here, you maniac?" Stick asked.

"Seven years ago," the voice said, "you gave a bad review on my greatest work. I mean, it's got kittens! And a coconut! How can anyone not like it? Anyway, I locked you in my dungeon and the only way out is by learning to truly appreciate modern art. If you succeed, I shall set you free and you could go on with your life, destroying the careers of other aspiring artists."

"And what if I don't?" asked the critic.

"Well," said the Count, "then you'll be stuck here forever. Or until Tuesday, when the maid comes and she needs to clean the dungeon, so you'll have to be somewhere else."

This game is our submission to Ludum Dare 26 Jam, theme: Minimalism.

You play the role of Stick McFigure, an art critic imprisoned in Count Paintbrush's mansion after giving him a bad review.
You have the ability to cross between the Real Dimension and the Art Dimension. Use it to escape!

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Note: Unfortunately, the game runs a bit slowly when played in Firefox. For the best experience, please play in Google Chrome.


Download Source Code

Critical Mess source code

Note: Python is required for the scripts that compile the levels.


Self Promotion

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